With strong familial and identity-based roots in Ireland, Dublin possesses a strange personal allure. With Ireland basking in mythology and lore, there's a strange contrast between Dublin's promise, its reputation for liveliness amidst tradition, of a folk sense of decency as well as isolation and rurality.

However, in light of the (as of May 2018) upcoming referendum on the ability for those in Ireland to have the right to legal, safe abortion, much of the less well known elements of Ireland, namely traditionalism, parochialism and the deeply entrenched influence of the Catholic church upon politics and society, have been thrust into the limelight. For some I spoke with, including the owner of a certain well-known camera shop, believe firmly that Ireland's future is embedded in its Catholicism and its often conservative idiosyncrasies. Others, myself included, see liberalisation and secularisation as a way forward.

Ireland has nearly always grappled with its own history amidst its well-known mythology and the outside world's liberalisation; this photo-project hopes to document these differing trains of thought and their influence on Ireland, with Dublin as its nucleus.

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