Liam Harrison is a photographer, writer and reporter, based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

When not exploring contemporary issues through photos and words, he enjoys hiking up mountains, travelling as much as possible and musing on contemporary politics. 


In his personal work, Liam is inspired by left-wing, egalitarian and feminist concepts and thought processes and likes to intimately explore outward emotions in urban spaces, working particularly to portray and unravel instances of isolation in urban and post-industrial environments often undercut by economic downturn. 

Constantly experimenting in my camera work, I mostly utilise traditional camera film techniques, developing and scanning all photographs by hand. However, I am equally as confident shooting digital according to the needs of the project.

Work with Me

Do you have an upcoming photo or text-based project? I am always seeking collaborations and photo work.

For rates, or to discuss an upcoming project or idea, please get in touch with me using my contact form

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